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Welcome to Cramer's Caribbean Critters

We are a Tropical Fish and Invert seller located in the Florida Keys. Most of our tropical fish are hand caught wild and are kept in a medicated system for at least a couple days before shipping. We do our best to clean the fish and inverts of any parasites or disease they might have.

Our most popular item is our dwarf seahorses. These little critters are guaranteed to delight the owner!

In addition to seahorses we carry a wide variety of saltwater aquarium fish and invertebrates. Whether you are adding a few items to a nano tank or stocking a larger aquarium with saltwater fish, tangs, pipefish ,cardinels, jawfish, damsels, wrasses, hog fish, angel fish, hamlets, parrots, puffers, blenny , goby , basslets. We also stock inverts and soft corals, anemones, crabs, colored zoanthids, gorgonia, saltwater plants, caulerpa, starfish, Orange Green Purple Blue Ricordea,corallimorphs, ricordia,mushrooms,discosoma sanctithomae,staint tomas mushrooms,Mushrooms Discosoma carlgreni and discosoma neglectum, snails well as "clean up crews". Nano tanks, reef tanks, any saltwater tanks.

Looking for something specific?? Send us an email and we'll try to find it.
Because you never know what the sea will offer up! We occasionally find rare aquarium specimens.

It is fact that we are out of control to the shippers handling, However, we want you to shop here with confidence so we back all of our products by our "LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE". To qualify you MUST adhere to the following explicit guidelines:

In the unlikely event that a coral arrives to you D.O.A (DEAD ON ARRIVAL) you must contact us within 2 HOURS of receipt with clear pictures of the DOA item. Send your e-mail with pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Credit TOWARD YOUR NEXT PURCHASE or replacement is our choice. Credit amount to be issued will be determined on purchase price only. Credit will NOT cover S&H fee, box fee, or heat/ice pack(s) fee. Buyer will be responsible for shipping of future replacements to him/her.  Shipping will be via Fedex standard overnight or priority 2 to 3 day from zip code 33070. You my request UPS,USPS at added expense to listing quote in most cases.. Fedex is guaranteed next day by 3pm in many cases. We have been doing this for some time with very few losses and a great feed back score on ebay. Styrofoam box's are used in cases that require us to do so. The box is filled with packing material to prevent bag movement. We double bag and we wrap the bags in newspaper for additional insulation. If needed a heat/ice pack is placed and the box is taped shut for shipment. Be confident that we do everything that we possibly can to ensure that the items get to you alive. This is why we offer "OUR LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE" We usually ship on one of the following days Monday, Tuesday, our choice. This lessens the chance that the items will get stuck in a warehouse somewhere over a long weekend. Any special shipping request MUST be agreed and discussed PRIOR to buying.

Orders shipped- If you don't have a tracking number your order was not shipped. We will email you at least 24 hours be for the order will be shipped with all your shipping information.

Overnight shipping - When you pay for overnight shipping please note that this means how the order will be shipped not when.. If you need the order to be to your home on a weekday other than Tuesday - Wednesday please email me. I will let you know if the day you want can be done. I try to get all my packages out each week on monday and tuesdays of each week.

Want a shipping quote email me with your complete order and zipcode. I will then give you your shipping options. I will do my very best to keep shipping cost down. We have good rates with fedex and can ship alot of items 2 day priority mail. All invoices will be sent using a paypal invoice.

Thanks Dana

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